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Gideon Group aims to meet the long-term needs of the city’s homeless Founder Larry Walker explains the ministry’s mission, the steps they take to transition those in need and why the solutions can vary   --  By Lorrie Irby Jackson  Feb 22, 2021

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Reducing Homelessness, Increasing Hope: The Gideon Group of N. Texas -- POSTED IN DMN BRIEFING COLUMNS, LOVE & LIVING BY LORRIE IRBY JACKSON

She Became Me Podcast

he Became Me Podcast - Episode 31 with guest, Rev. Larry Walker, Jr, a native of Indianapolis, Indiana now living in Garland, Texas. Tonight we will focus on LIVING WELL IN YOUR POWER WITH PURPOSE and it is a pleasure to speak with Larry about the Gideon Group of North Texas and how he demonstrates purpose in his life and for his community.

Spreading the vision of Gideon Group of North Texas

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