Join the Army - Gideon 300!!

Gideon’s Army represents the three hundred chosen by God to do battle and rescue Israel. It is composed of servant leaders who share the vision of Pastor Walker. They believe that God will unlock their talents and abilities and direct them towards elevating the homeless.

Your donation will help provide Shelter, food education, training, transportation, and many other important components to help lift an individual out of poverty and into a thriving life.

Cost of Transforming a Life

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Individual and Community Benefits 

Cost of Housing  



Help provide shelter, food and clothing, and toiletries for one Participant

Cost of Education


$ 500

Help provide GED, skilled courses or Higher Education courses plus transportation for one participant 

Cost of Work Readiness



Help provide professional workshops in effective communication, problem solving, resume building, and interviewing

Cost of  Cognitive Development



Help one person complete behavior program that is evidence based and federal proven

Donate by ordering

A portion of the proceeds will go toward Gideon Group to assist with housing needs, donation supplies, and operational cost.

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What Does Success Look Like? 

Individual and Community Benefits 

When you give an opportunity for someone to gain the four components  below. 

 Stable Housing

Gives a foundation for improving outcomes around employment, health, and education.

Obtain a Education

Contributes to greater personal and community productivity and economic growth

Professional Development 

Gain necessary skills to potentially gain employment and stay employed

Cognitive Behavior

Promotes healthier thought process, communication and relationships